Welcome to Keepsake Photography.  Here are a few questions I have heard over the years...

What should we/I wear for my portrait session?

My best advice for outfits would be:

"The "more solid" the better!"  Stripes, plaids, flower prints and polka dots can all be very distracting in your portrait.

As a family, it's usually not a good idea to have everyone put on their favorite outfit and all jump into the car.  Before you leave the house, everyone stand together and make sure the colors look good together and that it's not too "busy"!  Themes are good but not necessary!

If I have acne or blemishes, should I try to hide them with make-up?

No! I have Photoshop!  All my images get Photoshopped if needed.

For the women, apply your make-up like you always wear it.  For the men, no make-up is necessary.  For the little ones, if there is a bruise or a scratch, just leave it and I will fix it later!

Do you sell digital images?

Of course!  As a professional photographer, I pride myself to give you a professional product.  I prefer to print your images professionally, so I offer digital images with my print packages.  I also include social media images with my packages.  It's always fun to share!